You can easily share your charging stations with Hubject roaming partners through Virta. There are 2 steps involved:

  1. Check your organisation information

In the organisation information please make sure to select the correct country and check the roaming identifiers.

a) Under “General information” select correct CPO country

b) Under “Roaming settings” check the CPO Roaming identifier. It should be automatically filled with the correct roaming identifier. If not, please contact us directly for changing this value for you.

c) The only thing left to do is to click the Hubject checkbox and we will start sharing your stations with Hubject every day at 10:30 EET.

Once you updated the settings, don’t forget to click “Save”.

        2. Check your station data

Your charging station data quality is important to attract more customers. Virta ensures that only stations with sufficient data quality are shared with Hubject. Required data for sharing charger information with Hubject:

a) Station name is set

b) GPS coordinates are set

c) Hide pool is unchecked

d) Address, Post code, City and Country are set


That's it! Everything is now correctly set up for your stations to be pushed to Hubject. 

Please note that we push stations to Hubject once a day in the morning. This means that if you set up a station during the afternoon, it will only be pushed to Hubject the next day.