If your organisation has more than 10 pools, the default view when entering Stations > Find is a full-screen map

What's on the map?

The map displays the different locations of your pools and groups them if we find many in close locations.

(read how to add the correct coordinates to your pools here: How to edit a pool's information)

If several pools are in the same location, we will always show you a cluster including the number of pools around that area. 

Clicking on the cluster will zoom in as long as it is possible.

Individual pools will appear as you zoom and clusters get separated. 

If you are using a fairly "far" zoom level, the pools will appear as pretty small markers (as displayed on the picture above, in France and south-Sweden).

The marker will increase in size as you zoom closer into the location (see picture below).

Using the search function

Navigating in the map isn't always easy - and you might not always remember which station is in which location.

For this, we have implemented a search function on the map's top right corner. You can search for pretty much any information you have on a specific pool or station (name, ID, identity, address....) and our engine will return the pools matching your search.

Selecting a pool

Whether you are using the search or just navigating the map, you can select a pool by hovering over it and clicking around the redirection arrow. This will open the pool view and allow you to edit its information or one of the stations it contains.

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