You might have noticed in your Basic Information tab some new information related to your organisation's type.

Currently there are 6 types of organisations used in our system:

  • Business
  • Individual
  • Branch
  • Pool group
  • Operator
  • Test

Only the first 2 are available for you to choose from when inviting or creating sub-organisations. Operator, Branch, Pool group and Test are currently only assigned by our internal staff to better organise the organisations' tree. They can be roughly defined as follows:

  • Operator = A business owning a multi-layer CPO tree
  • Branch = A system organisation existing for the purpose of the hierarchy (to organise layers in a specific way)
  • Pool group = A sub-CPO of a Business organisation that only contains stations and does not have any new/different business information from their parent
  • Test = Any organisation created for testing purposes, including only test data and assets (test customers and test stations)

We recommend that you use Business for any commercial customers you are having, and Individual for private persons. Whilst it is fine for you to decide how you wish to use these criteria, we have modified our interface a bit so it suits these types of customers best.

For example, Individuals cannot select a company logo or add sub-organisations. By default, their access type is also private, as to prevent any possible mistakes.

We will be making improvements to the organisation types little by little to ensure that you always get the best experience.