In January 2019, Virta started an extensive development project to remould its admin interface.


The previous system, the Admin Panel, needed to be made suitable for all its users. The project started with one main target: rethink the system to fit also the business cases of small, non-professional organisations. 


To make it happen, Virta started working with its internal experts, a team of service design consultants as well as some helpful customers, who were interviewed during the planning phase. 


As a result, the first version of the renewed Virta Platform is now ready and includes some major improvements revolving mainly around the usability of the tool, such as: 

  • A cleaner interface to allow users to always find the information they need when they need it
  • Better support options for users to be more independent in case of issues 
  • Safer accounts: users will now always be linked to their personal email address for better identification 
  • Better role definition for a smooth UX with all the necessary functions
  • Mobile responsiveness: an interface built for solving problems on the go 


And more. The best yet? 


Your customers and stations won’t be affected at all by the migration. At all.


We will add more information about the redesigned Virta Platform functionalities on a regular basis.