In order to create a new Congestion Management rule, do the following steps: 

  1. Head to Congestion Management 

  1. Click Create new rule 




  1. Name your rule 

  1. Select whether to add charging events manually or automatically via URL (this guide is only about creating events manually) 




  1. Start adding new event by clicking Add new event 

  1. Select event type* and charging mode** and click Add 





*Event types explained: 

One time: Event happens only once on a given time 

Daily: Event recurs every day on a selected time 

Weekly: Event recurs every week on a selected day and time 


**Charging modes explained: 


Target power:A desired target power the chargers will be using during the event 

Minimum power:The chargers will use charger specific minimum power 

Local control: Returns chargers to max power, unless there is some other local restriction controlling the chargers (such as DLM) 


The user defines the timing of the event and possible target power using the following form:  




All the events are added in a calendar view in chronological order, which allows the user to have a quick overview of daily, weekly and monthly Congestion Management events: