If you are testing a V2G charger of your own, make sure the charger controls are set up accordingly via Energy Platform. In case of uncertainties, please refer to the following support article: V2G, Setting charger controls from Energy Platform.

To manage your V2G charging preferences via the mobile app, follow these steps:

1.    Open the Virta app

2.    Click Profile

3.    Select V2G Charging 


4.    Now you are able to define when you want your car to be ready by using the slider on the clock (see image below).

* As V2G chargers can be used to balance the grid or to do demand response, setting up the Ready by time is important in order to calculate when your car’s battery can be used by the energy utilities and when it actually has to be ready.

** It is recommended to leave your car plugged in whenever possible. This way your car’s battery can be used to balance the variations in energy production 


5.    Set the desired charge level by using the horizontal slider. The desired charge level can be set anywhere between 30 and 90 %.

* We recommend setting your desired state of charge level to 80 – 90 % - this will maximize the benefits your car battery can offer for the energy system. If you need a full battery for a longer trip, use regular charging. 


6.    After your V2G preferences are set up, you can head to a V2G charger and start charging!

* Please note that V2G is new technology and even if you find a public V2G station, there might not be any actual energy management rules behind it, such as FFR. But V2G chargers can still be used as any other charger.