Viewing device statuses from the Energy Platform can be done as follows: 
1. Find your device from the list of devices or use the search field

2. Select the device you want to view 




3. From the top-most information box, you are able to find the Online Status of the device. 




4. When you scroll down a little, you can find other status information about the device 




Statuses explained 





When a Connector becomes available for a new user (Operative)  


When a Connector becomes no longer available for a new user but no charging session is active. Typically a Connector is occupied when a user presents a tag, inserts a cable or a vehicle occupies the parking bay  



When the contactor of a Connector closes, allowing the vehicle to charge 


When the contactor of a Connector opens upon request of the EVSE, e.g. due to a smart charging restriction or as the result of StartTransaction.conf indicating that charging is not allowed  



When the EVSE is ready to deliver energy but contactor is open, e.g. the EV is not ready.  


When a charging session has stopped at a Connector, but the Connector is not yet available for a new user, e.g. the cable has not been removed or the vehicle has not left the parking bay 


When a Connector becomes reserved as a result of a Reserve Now command