New to electric vehicles, charging and all things related? Fear not! We have collected a brief dictionary for you.

ACAlternating Current
APAdmin Panel (Virta-Main)
APIApplication Programming Interface
APNAccess Point Name
AWSAmazon Web Services
BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
CCSCombined Charging System (Dc - German)
CDRCharging Data Record
CHAdeMOCharge De Move (Dc - Japanese)
CPCharge Point
CPOCharge Point Owner
CSCentral System
DCDirect Current
DLMDynamic Load Managament
DNSDomain Name System
EMPElectric Mobility Provider
EVElectric Vehicle
EVSEElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment
EVSEIDElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment Identifier
FCEVFuel Cell Electric Vehicle
HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle
ICCIDIntegrated Circuit Card Indentifier
JSONJava Simple Object Notation
OCAOpen Charge Alliance
OCPPOpen Charge Point Protocol
OSCPOpen Smart Charging Protocol
PDUProtocol Data Unit
PEVPlug-In Electric Vehicle
PHEVPlug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
SLAService Level Agreement
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
Type2Type 2 Connector (Ac - Europe)
V2GVehicle To Grid
V2HVehicle To Home
VPNVirtual Private Network