Navigation through the Virta Platform has never been easier nor smoother thanks to the introduction of widgets. 

Each role will be provided with a default dashboard according to the needs we have identified. It will, however, be possible to customize the dashboard view according to personal preferences later on in 2020. 

A few examples of widgets coming with the first release of the Virta Platform: 

  • Map view 
  • Shortcuts to lower-level views (Tariffs, History)
  • My Team
  • Network status (Online/offline chargers, Latest charging events)

Figure 1 An example of the Dashboard view with 

Widget definition will be a focus in the further development of the Virta Platform in 2020. We are first ensuring that the functionality is up and running. If you have an idea for additional widgets that you would like to see on your future dashboard, you can let us know about.