Each user has a specific role in their organisation. We have redefined how the roles and permissions work so that they can be better documented and create less work when it comes to understanding which users can perform what actions. You can see your role on the left side ribbon under your organisation's logo and your username. 

We have defined 5 roles for the time being. 

  • Owner: these users are the main administrator of their organisation. They can do everything that is allowed for their service level (Core, Value, 360) and are responsible for the accuracy of their company data.
  • Manager: these users can manage their charging network with full power.
  • Technician: these users have all the tools they need to properly support and maintain a charging network. They can access all technical information related to stations such as basic hardware description, alerts, errors, logs - as well as resolving actions (reboot, release, etc.)
  • Monitoring: these users can view the usage of the system, money flows, invoices and basic reports. They are mainly in view - not edit - mode.
  • Receptionist: these users are responsible for simple daily actions such as giving access to private chargers or starting a charging event.

We will be defining more roles in the future to suit all our customers' needs. Each role will be carefully designed to allow users to have the exact features that they need to do their job. 

Please share your ideas with us: https://www.formlets.com/forms/Lne2UNcGc398Ow7c/