Your account is part of several organisations: you can switch from one to another by changing your active session in just a few clicks.

Switching active sessions

If you are a member of more than one organisation, you will be able to switch from one session to another. Switching sessions will change the data and sub-organisations you have access to as well as sometimes the role you have in the organisation.

Always pay attention to the active session and role in the top-left corner to know where you are currently located.

To switch organisations, click on the card where your name, picture and role are displayed. You will open a panel on the left side allowing you to browse through your available organisations.In the panel, select the organisation that you wish to switch your session to.

Once selected press Switch to this organisation.

Your current session, role and available data will now be displayed according to the organisation you just switched to!

Selecting sub-organisations

If the organisation of your active session has sub-levels, it is likely that you might need to filter the data you see to make changes to, say, your tariffs, or simply to see a bit less stuff to analyse. Managing several organisation-levels at the same time can become overwhelming.

To select sub-organisations, click on the View Organisations tab on the top of the dashboard. You will open a panel on the left side of the screen allowing you to browse through your available organisations.

You can only filter to sub-organisations of your active session. To access any other sub-level, switch sessions first.

In the panel that you've just opened, choose the organisation-level you would like to select.

Once you have found the level, click on Select Organisation.

Your role remains the same in all sub-organisations of your current session. However, the data you see will now be filtered to the level you have selected - this means you might not see some of your stations or customers anymore! Pay attention to this when making any modifications to your data.