Still a bit lost in the interface?

Here's how to navigate easily between the different modules & parts of the system.

The navigation bar (left-side)

The navigation bar is composed of several smaller items:
  • The organisation's logo: in the top-corner, we will always show the logo of the organisation that invited you to join the Virta system. Clicking on it will send you right back to home: your dashboard.
  • The switch card: just below the logo you'll find the switch card. It'll allow you to navigate between sessions and sub-organisations. Read more: How can I switch organisations?
  • Notifications
  • Settings
  • Support

The module bar

The module bar is visible most of the time as you are logged in. It shows all the modules you have access to depending on your service level and your role in the active session.

You can use the buttons to navigate between the modules - the underlined button always highlights the module that you currently have opened.

Sometimes, within a module, you will be accessing the second level of navigation. These are the tabs.

In the same way, the underlined button always highlights the tab you currently have opened.