Business growing? More locations? If you are a business user of the platform, you might be able to create new sub-organisations below yours.

To create a new organisation, you need to first go to the Organisations tab and click on the "+ Add organisation" button - the big black one there in the bottom-right corner.

There you will get two different options:

  • By invitation
  • Direct creation

Whilst both will technically lead to having a new sub-organisation in the system, depending on the context and of your operational model you might prefer the one or the other.

Creating an organisation by invitation

It is a good idea to select the By invitation option when you wish that your customer takes full ownership of their organisation. This can, for example, be the case of a new B2B Business becoming a CPO, that you know will create a whole structure of their own under their main organisation. You could also decide that your private charging capabilities are fully managed by the homeowners using the system.

What does it change to be an owner? Basically that they are responsible for the organisation data that was provided.

Read more about roles

In order to invite your new Owner to create their organisation, you will be asked to input their Email address, select their Service-level and Parent Organisation. The value you select in Parent Organisation will determine where exactly in your organisation-tree this new organisation will be created.

And that's it!

The Owner will be receiving an invitation to create their organisation, and they will in turn be responsible for adding not only their personal data in the Settings, but also their organisation data (partly during the registration process, partly later on, when logged into the system).

Creating an organisation directly within the platform

Using the Direct creation option is perfect if you just want to create some structure within your own business organisation and not necessarily invite any new people to manage it. This can, for example, be a good idea when dividing your organisation into country- or area-based segments. But it is also used by some businesses that wish to be in charge of managing their customers' organisations. Using the Direct creation, they can later on invite the customer in a lower-level role so that they only can and need to do some specific basic actions.

When using the Direct creation, you are still responsible for the new organisation and its data. Logically, we are also asking you to provide it.

You will still need to select the Service-level and Parent organisation for this new organisation, but also everything else that we might need for basic identification.

When done, the organisation will automatically be added under your tree and you will be able to access it using the Organisation filter function.

Note that since no specific Owner will be appointed for this organisation, it will not have any defined users upon creation and you won't be able to "switch" your session there.