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You mistakenly created an extra organisation or you simply don't want to be using our system anymore: here's how to delete an organisation safely

If you are the Owner of an organisation, you might have created one or several of them - some you also might not want or need anymore. As Virta's service levels and standard billing processes are evolving as we speak, we couldn't offer the option to delete an organisation from the interface in our first release. Think about it: we need to first make sure that we have the perfect solution to move your stations and customers where they belong. We are currently working with our Virta internal experts to define the best way of doing so without impacting the end-users - the EV drivers - negatively.

Until this functionality is available for all, please contact your project manager or our support with your detailed request. They help you well and fast!

We'll update this article as more options become available. Stay tuned!