When looking at any Charging Point, an authorised user will be given the option to click on an action panel, located at the right of the screen (and at the bottom in the mobile view).

This action panel includes a few Remote commands that can be sent to charging stations using the OCPP communication protocol (read more about OCPP). Depending on the current status of a charging point, some commands might not be always available. If you believe that the status is wrong or the available actions not reflecting the current status, we recommend you to refresh the page.

Clicking any of the action panel's buttons on the right will affect Charging Point 2010 as well as any Charging Points belonging to the same devices

Here is a list of the available Remote commands:

ChargeStart the charging transaction (the system will send a "remoteStartTransaction" command to the charger)
StopStop the charging transaction (the system will send a "remoteStopTransaction" command)
ReleaseActivate the cable release function of the charger - this can be used when the cable is stuck, either to the car or the charging device
Cancel ReservationManually cancel any reservation currently affecting the charger
Stop BillingStop billing the currently on-going charging event - this can be used when a problem cannot be easily fixed, to prevent the connected EV driver to be billed for a faulty charging event
Clear RFID CacheClear the charger's RFID cache
Reboot StationRemotely reboot the software of the station - this can be used for debugging small system errors e.g. communication errors