A Pool is basically a location and can include one or several charging devices.

It can be empty - but every charging device needs to belong to a Pool.

This Pool contains 5 Charging Points

All the information about where the chargers are located is defined at the Pool-level.

Here is the list of fields that need to be defined when creating a new Pool in the system:

Basic informationName
The name of your pool will help you identify it easily throughout the system. Later it will also be displayed as the location name in our user apps.
Give a name that tells anyone easily where this pool is located.
Open hoursThe open hours describe when the charging points are available to charge at. By default they are 24/7 - only select more specific hours if your charging points are located in a place that closes for time-to-time, at night or during weekends for example.
Time zoneThe time zone of your pools is partly determined by the country your organisation is located in. If you work in a country with several time zones you might have to adjust this value to match the reality.
Location informationLocation descriptionBesides the name, you can also add some description for the location your pool is in. It can include information about how to reach the chargers - specific entrance indications or parking levels for example.
OwnerThe Owner is the organisation a pool belongs to. Changing the Owner of a pool might affect some of its core settings such as its tariffs or access management rules, so use with caution.
AddressAddress of the location.
PostcodePostcode of the location.
CityCity of the location.
CountryThe country your pool is located in will be defined according to the country your organisation is based in. For VAT and currency reasons, you need to create a separate organisation if you wish to manage or own chargers in a different country.
GPS coordinatesGPS coordinates of your location. You can find exact GPS coordinates by clicking on the wish location on Google Maps for example.
Contact information*Main contact*Note: Contact information will be added at a later point
Technical contact email
Technical contact phone
Business contact email
Business contact phone