During operational use of Virta system, all inquiries and possible error reports should be sent to support@virta.global.

In order to speed up the ticket handling process and troubleshooting, the reporter is advised to include a few common points of information in the report:

What are the symptoms of the problem?

Describing the problem in detail will speed up the troubleshooting process by a mile. Breaking down to a few common questions:

  • Who or what reporting the problem?
  • Is there error codes visible?
  • Is the problem occurring frequently?
  • How is the system failing, e.g. crash, low performance, loading loop, a faulty result?

For example:

  • A problem in starting a charging event
  • A device is offline
  • An issue in the Control panel
  • A charger not visible on the map
  • A charger not responding to remote commands
  • System is not responding, system is lagging

Where does the problem occur?

Determining where the problem originates as detailed as possible, whether it is in the application, charger interface, admin panel, customer portal or other parts of the system.

To be included:

  • Hardware problem: Virta ID OR OCPP identity of the device
  • Software problem: Username AND part/module of the system

When does the problem occur?

Logging is one major key when troubleshooting software and hardware related issues. By reporting as accurate time of the event as possible, it will speed up the troubleshooting process.

To be included:

  • Time and date
  • Location
  • Timezone