Usually every company has a long list of questions they are asked frequently. We however don’t have such listing. And why is that? Because there are no frequently asked questions: each case is their own kind of and there rarely is two similar days.

When contacting Virta for 3rd level support inquiries please provide general description including:

- Affected charging point number(s)

- Method of activation (RFID, App etc)

- Procedure that has been attempted at 1st and 2nd level operations

- Information of testing at 2nd level operations: Are similar charger types affected? Is problem consistent with several different user accounts and organizations? Is problem appearing with other OCPP devices? 

- What connection the charger has; which sim-cards etc? 

The operations at 2nd level support should narrow the scope of possible root causes. Going trough above steps will help to rule out any hardware or local telecom related issues.