Your daily dose of operative actions

Basic operations

In the stations Control -tab you can find active/latest event of the charger on the left hand panel, and the remote commands on the right hand panel.

Remote commands:

Charge: Start the charging transaction (System will send a "remoteStartTransaction" command to charger through OCPP.)

Stop: Stop the charging transaction (System will send a "remoteStopTransaction" command)

Release: Activate cable release function in the charger.

Cancel Reservation: Manually cancel any reservation currently affecting the charger.

Stop Billing: Stop the billing of the charging transaction.

Clear Cache: Clear chargers cache.

Reboot Station: Remotely reboot the software of the station. Used for debugging small system errors e.g. communication error.

Charge point FREE

From the left panel admin can see the current status of the charger, last charging event and last user.

Charge point IN USE

While there is an active charging event, admin panel shows the current statistics such as time, duration, and consumption in real time.

Advanced features

Configuration management

Firmware updates

Maintenance view

From the maintenance overview one can find collective information about the status of the whole charging network. In the bottom of the page is a statistical view of e.g. number of stations offline daily. The status of the chargers are easily monitored with the graphs provided.

Error messages: Number of stations that have sent an error message in the last 24 hours.

Offline stations: Number of stations that are offline.

Zero kWh events: Number of transactions with no energy transmitted.

Over 36h charges: Number of unusually long charging events.

Messaging problems: Number of stations with messaging problems to endpoint. (Weak signal)