Stations can be connected to Virta backend by changing the charging stations’ settings from its interface which is usually accessed by connecting laptop to the charger. Please read charger instructions for more details. 

Establishing connection

Station is connected by changing the backend URL. Please ask the URL from together with information on what protocol (OCPP or some other) and which version is the device using. We will provide you the correct endpoint address to be inserted to the device. After updating the backend address the device must be rebooted in order to changes to apply. Depending on the charger model you may see the backend connection state on the charger control panel after rebooting.

When charger is first time connected to Virta backend it is added to the Virta station pool with no CPO information. This means that only Virta system administrators are able to see the charger at this phase. In order to have access and visibility to the charger through Virta system, you must assign the newly connected charger under your organization.

Assigning charger to CPO

After establishing a connection to the backend the charger must be assigned to a correct CPO in order to view it through the admin system. To assign chargers under CPO you must first login to the Virta admin panel. After logging in, head to Settings - Station List. On top of the list you see Add new station button which directs you to a belowview in which you should select the protocol the station is using (Ensto/OCPP/Remotec). 

To assign charger under CPO, for OCPP station you must insert the Chargebox Identity (CBID) of the device. CBID is usually defined in the device configuration phase and can be seen from the device control panel. After inserting the CBID, select the CPO you want to assign the charger under (it is possible to change the CPO afterwards). Please note that if your user account has access only to one CPO, the selection is not required but the charger is automatically assigned under the one you're logged in to. To assign the charger, click Add and the charger now appears in your Station list view. 

Now that you've successfully connected a charging station, it is time to update its information and make it visible for customers. Head to Station settings article to learn more.