When a company plans a new project that would use Virta’s API, Virta requests either that a short email notification is sent by email to api-support@virta.global or that a discussion around requirements is organized between the client company and its Virta project manager. Upon receiving the description of the API needs, Virta will:

a.       Make sure the API provides everything needed in the project

b.       Inform the project manager and customer about new API developments

c.       Plan any necessary further API developments, especially regarding which API endpoints are supported in the long run

The API request should include the following information:

1.       Short description of the project

2.       Contact person for the project (email address)

3.       Timeline of the project (when does development start, when is the expected project end date)

4.       API-endpoints that are planned to be used in the project

5.       Planned frequency of calling the different API endpoints

6.       Whether support by Virta is needed during development – if yes, when and in which areas