Virta API principles

Virta provides an API that the Customer can use to integrate Virta’s system to their own systems. For example, the API can be used to fetch various information about the charging transactions related to the Customer’s end users. Virta provides a detailed API documentation that describes API functionality.

If some integrations are needed between Virta’s and the Customer’s systems, the general rule is that the customer integrates their systems to Virta’s system using Virta’s APIs - not the other way around. In practice this means that Customer’s systems always call Virta’s APIs, but Virta’s systems will never call a Customer’s APIs. 

Virta is responsible for:

  •        Providing a technical API service, and hosting this service according to the SLA
  •        Providing API documentation to the Customer

The Customer is responsible for

  •        Planning integrations using the API documentation Virta provides
  •        Making modifications to the Customer’s systems so that integrations can be done using Virta’s APIs

Terms and conditions

Standard terms and conditions apply to all usage of the API. Please see the document in the API documentation “Terms & Conditions”

Standard service

Virta provides an API that different companies can use to integrate their own IT-systems to the Virta-platform. The standard API service includes the following things:

  •        Access to the API
  •        API documentation that describes in detail different operations, and their input and output parameters
  •        Hosting and technical maintenance of the APIs (as a part of the Virta-platform)

Optional services

The following things are not included to the standard API service, but can be agreed separately between Virta and the company using the API. Please see “Virta API – Pricing” for details about the services

1. API Support

a. Virta offers support for using the API and helping to solve different API-related issues for a fixed monthly price

2. New project analysis

a. When you are planning a new project that would require Virta’s API, there are often many questions: does the API provide the features I need, how exactly does the API work, what different endpoints should I use to get my use cases to work etc.

b. New Project Analysis - our service provides you with a thorough analysis, answers to your questions as well as recommendations on how to get the best benefits from Virta’s API for a fixed price

3. Requirement analysis for New API features

a. Sometimes it might be useful to have some new features in Virta’s API which don’t yet exist. If those features are crucial to your project, Virta will go through them with you and will make a plan for you about their implementation

b. The requirement analysis consists in a workshop where Virta will go through the use cases and new requirements, will prepare an analysis on how they could be implemented to Virta’s platform as well as provide you with a final cost and schedule estimate for their implementation