Customizer is the tool to create and manage all branded deliverables for your organization. With customizer tools it is easy to create branded registration sites, branded web applications and customer portals in just few minutes. All the services will be ready for use straight after publishing. There are no limitations in the amount of brands, so you can create branded materials for all your clients if you wish.

To start using customizer tool please ask the login information from Virta staff. 

The first step is to create brand. As mentioned you can create as many brands as you like and delete obsolete ones if needed.

Set correct seller organisation under which you would like the end customers to be created under. This seller will act as the EMP of the customers that have registrered through the branded site and is the one who makes the end customer contract and has access to the customer information. Define also the brand name and default language you would like the branded site to use.

After a brand is created you will see it in the main page listing. To start branding services, open up the brand and select a service you would like to begin branding from the top left corner.