Virta system is designed to operate a large number of charging stations and several different business operators 

Key system features:

  • Overview. Monitoring of different charging stations and their current status (free, reserved, out of action)
  • Detailed view. Multiple parameters can be viewed and configured for each charging station . The parameters are: status, owner, name, address, location, sockets, contact info, location info.
  • Control. Good functionality for charging points: start and stop charging, release cable, cancel reservation, reboot charging pole and fetch diagnostics.
  • Pricing & statistics. Each charging station can have different pricing parameters. It is possible to see different usage statistics and data from each pole

System is available in English, Finnish, German and French

Extensive customer management functionalities:

  • List and search all customers
  • View and edit customer’s contact information
  • View and edit customer’s pricing plan
  • Show customer’s total billing history, manage refunds
  • Manage customer feedback
  • View and manage customer’s RFID-tags/cards
  • View customer’s My Page

Full back‐end system for charging station management

  • OCPP error messages display, connection status failures
  • Control stations remotely such as: Start, Stop, Reboot, Fetch diagnosis
  • Charging event history and statistics, maintenance related statistics available as email report
  • Export of usage and event data in .cvs –file format (excel)
  • Firmware updates to charger as new versions available from manufacturer
  • Extraction of charging event data for statistics and billing purposes
  • System language in English, French, German, Finnish
  • Ticketing functionality for service and maintenance personnel

Industry leading customer front-end solutions

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android for activation of charger, roaming station access and real-time visibility to on-going charge event
  • Customer portal for statistics, receipts and user self-service
  • Registration portal and subscription solutions
  • Branded RFID identifications solutions