Virta is developing the API constantly, meaning there can be new endpoints added to the API or new parameters added to the old endpoints. Virta will do this development at its sole discretion. Changes to APIs will be documented as part of Virta’s standard release notes.

Virta will not make breaking changes (for example remove some parameters or endpoints) from API versions which are stills supported.

Virta’s development roadmap is based on project orders by different customers as well as overall market development. If you see needs to develop the API, there are two options:

1.       Suggest new API features to Virta – Virta is constantly gathering feedback from customers to make Virta-platform better. Virta will prioritize developments based on its own criteria, and may or may not implement them, based purely on Virta’s own decisions. In this case Virta will not promise any timeline for new features, but will not either invoice the customers for the developments. 

2.       Order new API features from Virta – if there is a project that must have certain new API features ready on a certain date, Virta and the company requesting the API may agree to create a separate project where Virta will create the new features within the agreed timeline. In this case Virta will also invoice the customer for the development work.

In both cases please contact