Virta system supports more complex pricing models to benefit the operators business. "Advanced pricing" is a term used for pricing module that offer wide range of possibilities. The module is not available in standard system delivery but activated to the CPO / Virta business customer on separate request.  

What is the difference with basic pricing? In advanced pricing module each charging point has standard price if special prices are not set. This works like in basic pricing.

  • Fee per kWh
  • Fee per minute
  • Different fee for AC and DC charging  
In addition to standard pricing it is possible to:
  • Make different products that customers can choose from, with different prices
  • Group charging stations to groups and give prices per group
  • Set special prices based on date, weekday or time (for example lower prices during nighttime)

Additionally it is possible to set special prices for a station group. Each special price has certain conditions (date, weekday, time of day) and when these conditions are met, the special price is used instead of the standard price.

Possible conditions for special prices are:

  • Date: If charging starts on a date that is between the given date limits, then the special price is used.
  • Weekday: If charging starts on the selected weekdays, then the special price is used.
  • Time of the day: If charging starts between the given times of day, then the special price is used.
  • Initial fee: Price for the start of charge
  • The special price has the same pricing parameters than the standard prices (initial fee, reservation fee, time-based fees, energy-based fees).
Different station groups can have different special prices. For example, you could give discounts to stations that are not used heavily, but keep the prices on stations on premium locations normal.
Please note: price of charging cannot change during a single charge event. So the price what was valid when the charging started is used through the whole charging.