Little bit of privacy for those in need

By default chargers connected to Virta are public - so accessible and visible for all users. There are however cases where a charger shouldn't be public and both visibility and access to the charger should be limited. Management of these cases in Virta system is made through the Access Management feature.

Setting private organizations

Publicity of chargers in Virta system is handled on a organization level. Instead of setting public/private state per charger, the decision is made on a CPO level - whether the CPO is public or private.

Access management settings can be found from path: -> Settings -> Access Management

Page will display as seen below. 

Assigning access and visibility rights

Access for private chargers is handled based on the customer account.

Organisation can be stated as Private by checking "Private CPO" checkbox, or public by leaving it unchecked.

User access for chargers under CPO are given by customer email. Note that customer has to be registered in the database, and same email has to be used as registered.

New customer with rights to this CPO's chargers will be listed below "People who can charge here", and can be removed from the eligible list by click the red trash can icon.