Default pricing models for quick and easy go-live

By default Virta platform offers a basic pricing system that allows you to set a separate price for each charging station. With the basic pricing the price will be the same for all customers and the prices must be set individually for each station. The pricing view can be opened from Station tab by selecting a charger and navigating to Pricing tab.

In the basic pricing setup the charge price can be set using charge time and charged energy as parameters. Using time as parameter the duration is rounded up to the next full minute, so although AC price is set in EUR/h the price is based on the actual duration of the charge. For energy based pricing the amount is calculated from the final meter value sent by the charger after the session is finished. It is also possible to combine pricing parameters so that both time and energy parameters are used. 

The reservation price will be applied if a customer makes a reservation to the charger before starting the session. The reservation is valid for 15 minutes and the price can be set per minute. If charging session is not started within 15 minutes the reservation expires and others are able to use the charger as well. The reservation can be enabled/disabled per station from the Station settings.

In default setting pricing is set individually for each station in charging station tab, "Pricing" section