There are two options for your customers: either they use the prepaid model or you bill them afterwards for their charges. If you select prepaid model, all the payment traffic is organizaed automatically and you don’t have to handle any customer invoices, receipts or anything. If you select to go with postpaid option, it’s up to you to decide how you want to bill your customers: we provide you all the information you need, either as exports or through APIs, and all you have to do is create the invoices and send them.

To help explaining the difference, here’s a short introduction to both customer types:

Prepaid customer

Prepaid customer are created trough subscriptions to services from dedicated registration websites. These registration sites are created by Virta. For prepaid registrations customer needs to have a valid debit or credit card on which online payments are possible. 

 View in customer account details when customer has a Prepaid subscription and a payment card stored in system. 

Adding new prepaid balance

Process, option 1: customer has agreed to automatic payments (conficurable 

  1. During the registration process the customer is asked if he/she wants that his/her credit card is automatically charged for an additional balance of around 30 eur when his/her balance drops below 10 eur. After the customer has given permission for recurring payments, this process is followed
  2. Customer’s credit card is automatically charged for 30 eur and this money is paid to Virta’s bank account. The customer’s balance in Virta’s system is increased by 30 eur
  3. If payment fails, the system also sends automatic email to with the information about the failed payment

Process, option 2: customer has NOT agreed to automatic payments: Balance needs to be added manually in customer portal. 

Postpaid customer

Postpaid customers are users which don't have credit or debit cards in the system. When customer is "postpaid" all charging events are accepted. The EMP for customer needs to handle invoicing of user with monthly bill. 

View in customer account details when customer has a Postpaid account. Please note that "Balance" in postpaid customers shows negative value. The value is not related to customer invoicing but showing only the total value of charge sessions since registration.