This article explains in details key functionalities of CRM module. 

Explanation of functionalities in "CUSTOMER" tab:

  1. Electric Mobilty provider: Name of the organization that the customer, end-user, has legal contract with. The organization in question, or it's parent organization, will see customer's details when they access Virta admin system.
  2. Mobile login code: 4-digit code to access to applications and customer portal. 
  3. Additional information: This field will show optional, customized information that is asked from user during registration. Example of use case could be personal ID number or vehicle registration number.
  4. Plan: This shows the account type which user has. Please see more information here
  5. Status: This shows if customer account is locked due to too many failed log-in attempts. Additionally customer account can be marked from active to disabled. If customer account is disabled, charging is not possible and log-in to customer portal and applications is prevented. 
  6. Group: Shows to which group the customer belongs to. Please find more information of customer groups here
  7. Home station: This feature refers to use of decided home charging application. Feature is currently available only in Virta network in Finland. 


8. Billing history: Shows all the times when new balance has been added to customer account

9. Refund: It is possible to do refunds to customer accounts prepaid balance. Please note that refunds in most cases will be invoiced by Virta to the operator is automatic payment clearing is in use. 

USAGE HISTORY: List of customer charge events

STATISTICS: Simple statistics of users events

FEEDBACKS: Feedback log from customers contacts to helpdesk. Please find more information here

RFID: Please find more information of RFID process here

MY PAGE: Link to customer portal view for the particular customer in question