New to electric vehicles, charging and all things related? Fear not! We have collected a brief dictionary for you.
AC Alternating Current
AP Admin Panel (Virta-Main)
API Application Programming Interface
APN Access Point Name
AWS Amazon Web Services
BEV Battery Electric Vehicle
CCS Combined Charging System (Dc - German)
CDR Charging Data Record
CHAdeMO Charge De Move (Dc - Japanese)
CP Charge Point
CPO Charge Point Owner
CS Central System
DC Direct Current
DLM Dynamic Load Managament
DNS Domain Name System
EMP Electric Mobility Provider
EV Electric Vehicle
EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
EVSEID Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Identifier
FCEV Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle
ICCID Integrated Circuit Card Indentifier
JSON Java Simple Object Notation
OCA Open Charge Alliance
OCPP Open Charge Point Protocol
OSCP Open Smart Charging Protocol
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PEV Plug-In Electric Vehicle
PHEV Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
SLA Service Level Agreement
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
Type2 Type 2 Connector (Ac - Europe)
V2G Vehicle To Grid
V2H Vehicle To Home
VPN Virtual Private Network