Virta platform has been built to allow easy, one-stop access for end customers. Platform offers by default a simple and intuitive internal roaming solution, meaning that customers of any Virta EMP can use stations of any Virta CPO with no extra costs exactly the same way regardless where they are or who owns the charger. When an EV Driver goes charging, the payment is split between the EMP and the CPO. That allows a fair and extensive reach not only for EV Drivers but also for EMPs and CPOs.

How it works in practice?

By default all public charging points are accessible for all end customers that have customer account in Virta platform. That means that although customer would have made contract with e.g. Virta Finland they can drive to Virta Germany charging station and use that the same way as stations that belong to Virta Finland. If not set otherwise, the price will be the same regardless to whom the customer account belongs to.

As customer has made contract with Virta Finland, Virta Germany cannot see customer details in the charging history. Instead of customer name, the customer is shown as "Roaming customer". The EMP (in the example case Virta Finland) can see the name of the station where their customers have charged in their reporting.

Who will pay for that?

In Virta platform internal roaming the charge price is always taken from the end customer the same way regardless where the charging event is made. The money from customers is split between the EMP and CPO in the monthly payment clearing. The separation is done on a percentage level which can be configured by agreement between EMP and CPO.