Instructions for adding RFID card to customer account

Step 1: Log-in to

Step 2: Navigate to ”Customers”

Step 3: Find customer from list

Step 4: In customer information navigate to ”RFID”

(When using USB reader: Step 5: Connect USB reader to computer USB port (Virta can supply the reader))

Step 6: Place mouse cursor in the ”RFID” field and show a blank charge card to the reader

  • If UID code is printed on the card, you may simply type the code to field
  • It is also possible to use charger as card reader. In this case the card UID needs to be retrived from the station logs. 

Step 7: Showing the card to reader will write the code to the field. After this is done press ”Save”.

Remark: Default setting in system is ”reverse order”.